Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Flexible Display











A review from a South Korean investment company shows that the third-generation Galaxy Note would package a 6-inch AMOLED display, but that it will not be a versatile one as certain gossips have lately said.

In a specific observe to traders, Korea Investment & Securities Co. reveals that Samsung’s “first-ever” 6-inch leading device is more likely to sport a 6-inch AMOLED display than an LCD one. OLED displays are seen as a “pillar” of Samsung’s brand picture by the company, and therefore a sensible option for a leading device like the Galaxy Note 3.

Although devices for most procedures has been provided and provide of staying devices (only for a particular process) should be completed in 1st half of 2013, we cannot say whether display is prepared to mass-produce flexible OLED panels. Production technological innovation still seems imperfect, and even supposing begin of production in 2nd half of 2013, so that deliveries that can be provided to completed items would be little. As such, we believe possibilities are slight to adopt flexible OLED panels for its Galaxy Note 3. Samsung may choose flexible OLED for its Smartphones as a differentiating design feature but it will need more time to adopt it for the major models.

Recently LG confirmed that it will have an Android Smartphone with flexible display at the end of year and now the news is coming from Samsung. Samsung depends on thin-film encapsulation while LG is creating face-sealing encapsulation technology for flexible display.

The Galaxy Note 3 is predicted to be revealed at some point in Q3 2013, most likely at IFA 2013 in Berlin, Germany, according to other gossips. The report also refers to that Samsung’s “6-inch display smartphone model is planned for launch in 2nd half of 2013.



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