Apple iphone 6 Ready for 2014 Release

Apple, an American based multinational technological giant has become such a famous and most often talked about brand across the entire Globe over the past few years. The main reason behind this is the quality and the dedication with which Apple produces its products and services. Most of them are so loyal to the brand Apple that they rely blindly on any product or service offered by Apple even without thinking about other brands offering the same product or service at a moderate to low amount when compared to Apple. Such is the craze among the mobile users for Apple in today’s times. The most famous product line of Apple is the iphone series which has revolutionized the way we use mobile phones in our daily lives. Starting from iphone basic to the latest iphone 5s, everything about this phone is marvellous. It’s now time for the iphone 6!


There are a lot of rumours and talk going around on the internet and among mobile media that Apple might come out with the most awaited Apple iphone 6 during the early half of 2014 itself. This is contrary to the logic that generally Apple releases its new products or services only during the months of September or October. This is the time of the year when Apple, all these years have been releasing its iphone series phones. But this time however many say that the iphone 6 might hit the market sooner than the planned date. Many images of iphone 6 have been floating on the internet, and Apple has no comment on whether they are the real ones or not. They have kept the people just guessing all this while. According to the images which are available across many websites and technology blogs, the iphone 6 has a much bigger display screen when compared to all the iphone series phones. Bigger even than the iphone 5s model.

Many have already started the countdown as a handful of websites and news agencies have unofficially through their media  let out the news that Apple would come out with their much awaited product iphone 6 anytime soon in the first half of 2014 itself. To give you more inputs about this, based on a few websites and news agencies, Apple is planning to release a phone with a display of 5inch and which it typically would term it as a ‘phablet’ also called as iphone 6. Many even state the internal specifications that the iphone 6 would be equipped with a 20nm processor which many state would  be manufactured by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. It is quoted on many websites that Apple might even come out with yet another creative product called Ipad Max, which is notably a large tablet from Apple. Rumour has it that this is slated to be released during the October of 2014.

A few of the technology field specialists reportedly quoted that Apple is right now busy testing with the various types of screen sizes  which would fit for its next iphone 6 phone series. Reportedly  4.7 and 5.7 inch one. Many see this as Apples strategy to move into a new segment of mobiles, which has less competition. Well, what ever  be the news doing rounds on the internet, one thing is for sure. All eyes across the World will be on Apple as soon as 2014 charts in!



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