Samsung Galaxy Round: First Impression and Review

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The Samsung Galaxy Round created some buzz in tech circles as the company that is always on the search for the next big factor may be responsible for the big trend. Are curved displays the next phase in the progress of smartphones? Here are the unboxing and first opinions of the New Samsung Galaxy Round!

At first look, the Samsung Galaxy Round seems to be similar to the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, which also has a large display measuring 5.7 inches diagonally. I could see the Galaxy Round’s right and left sides were raised a little bit only when considered from the top or from the end.

The Samsung Galaxy Round comes in a large box, since the smart phone itself is quite large, and features a rounded display, that shapes from remaining to right. Even though this is one of the first curved smartphones to be declared, having it in your side does not experience as odd as one might anticipate, but will nevertheless take some getting used to. According to Samsung, curved displays are a step toward smartphones that are foldable like a map, which describes why the curved produced excitement in technical sectors.

While setting up the smartphone and clicking the left and right arrow keys, there is a little bit of a tremble when the product is kept on a surface. But the movement is minimal, and should not sketch away from the writing experience in any way.

The camera on the Galaxy Round is the same sensor as the S4 and Note 3′s, means it’s one of the best Android cameras around. The maximum resolution is 4128×3096, though by standard images are taken at a quality of 9.6-megapixel – whichever mode you use, images come out great in regular illumination conditions, with lots of information noticeable, though low-light images could be better and should be enhanced via a software update, as they are not on par with what the S4′s low-light performance.



Author: Shivan Zaxoy

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