Best Smartphones of the Year 2013

Smartphone has become the desire and need for all of us now. The desktops first got replaced by the Laptops and now the Smartphones have created so much sensation that gradually it is phasing out the trend of Laptops.  Regardless of the age all are addicted to the smartness of the smartphones and the technology has made us their slaves.

Everyone is buying or planning to buy a phone which suits their personality and attitude. But you really have to be very smart when you are buying your smartphone. The market offers you a wide range but market research give you options to select few from the lot. Well, let me reduce your work and introduce you to the top5 smart phones which are available in the market.

Google Nexus 5:



Arguably the best buy in the market. With its high end hardware and Vanilla Android it has reached the people’s mind. The high resolution camera, ultimate storage and uniquely built design made it highly desirable and all you can have at an affordable price has speeded up its sale. The fast processor, great connectivity (it even supports 4G) has made it the best buy in the smartphone market. Nexus 5 is going to give you an impression of rich and intellectual.

LG G2:





With its new, fresh and innovative design and awesome performance made it the second best buy in the market. The addition of Snapdragon 800 of 2.26 GHz quad core and 32 GB internal storage attracted thousands to take it with them.  The mind striking features of superb display, great connectivity and 13 MP camera has been in the latest market discussion. If you are planning to buy a smartphone which will give an impression of cool and smart then there cannot be a better one for you than this.

IPhone 5S:






Apple has hit the market again with a diamond. I Phone 5S, a great phone to invest upon. The finger print Touch Id has already created news but the super-fast A7 IOS processor, 5S has managed a great response from the market. This phone is available with 16 GB, 32GB and 64 GB storage capacity.  The price range is in a bit higher side, but your money will give you a smartphone worth to spend on. The stylish and dashing look of the I phone 5S is certain to leave a royal impression on your hand.

Sony Xperia Z1:





Sony has left no stone unturned to give Z1 the impression which was expected. Although look wise it is quite similar to Xperia Z but the aluminium rim incorporation has given notable change in design for Z1. The Xperia has put on some weight but gives faster response with its Snapdragon 800 processor. The ultimate 20.7 MP camera and the stunning look of Sony Xperia Z1 is going to make you odd man out from a crowed for your wise choice.

Samsung Galaxy S3:





The slim, fast and the strong built Samsung Galaxy S3 has already snatched people’s attractions. The awesome specifications and performance has made it to the top 5 smart phones. The Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core with 3 GB RAM goes perfectly with its dashing 5.7 inch screen. The 13 MP camera and royal look makes you a hero among plenty.

All the smartphone has something or other to offer to you, but you have to come up with your need and avail the best available for you. So, enjoy your smart phone with your best buy.



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